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Neil Gaiman Reflects on American Gods’ Future

The adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods has been received pretty well—so much so that the author has started to think about its future and how the show can arrive there even without the sequel book yet.

In an interview with Collider, Gaiman revealed that the American Gods series can still be based on the book, since it is still beefy enough and has a lot more material to work with. Specifically, he said that the book can easily encompass four seasons' worth--long enough for what he feels could be the length of time the next book will arrive.

But fans need not worry, similar to Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, Gaiman has already told showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green some of the events in the future of the franchise. He has shown them lines of dialogue that are actual crucial to the plot of American Gods 2.

"I'm not even going to be mysterious. Here is information about that. If I'm killed in a horrible road accident or possibly just killed in an awful baking disaster, you'll know what this is for and you can keep going."

For now, however, he isn't concerned with the schedule for when the book's sequel will be released. Gaiman is confident that the current book will still follow a lot of the characters, which in turn will be fleshed out to be developed and grow more.

On a funnier note, you have to appreciate Gaiman's sense of doom. Baking accident, really?

American Gods airs weekly on the Starz app and on Starz every Sunday.

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