Namco’s Dark Souls Story Contest Will Give Away $10,000 to Winner Who Can Explain the Game

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The story behindDark Souls is quite a mystery in its complexity, which is why amusement park company Namco has decided to hold a contest involving the game's story.

Titled My Dark Souls Story, the contest, which closed last night, had fans attempt to explain Dark Souls 3 to people who hadn't seen its predecessors.

Check out some of the entries:

Competitor Nerdy Inc. pegged the game's story as a fact of history.


Here's another by Ardy, who chose to take an intense cinematic approach to tell his story.


Ardy's "Embers" even has "scrapped content," which makes it look all the more authentic.


Meanwhile, this one below decided to keep the vagueness of the game. Although the story wasn't explained thoroughly, the artwork is really impressive and the entire video is cinematic just like the one above.


I haven't had the chance to play the game yet, so I couldn't say whether the confusing nature of the game's narrative has been done on purpose, or whether it has a purpose at all. However, judging by the Namco's amusing contest, I would take a guess and say that the game's plot is indeed a pretty confusing one.

If this is indeed the case, then kudos to the participants. I applaud them for their skill and imagination. Surely, they deserve some kind of consolation prize. I hope they'll be given some kind of recognition for their creations.

The winner of the My Dark Souls Story contest is yet to be announced.