Mulan Live-Action Adaptation Set To Start Production This Month

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It looks like Disney's ready to roll with the production of Mulan's live-action remake.

According to Omega Underground, Disney's scheduled production of the live-action movie of Mulan to start sometime this month. There's a lot of excitement over the upcoming adaptation, especially with McFarland, USA and North Country director Niki Caro to helm the film.

There have been more openings for female directors during the past few years, and fans feel like Caro's the right fit for a film about a strong woman saving her father and saving all of China from the Mongols. Three out of the four screenwriters working on the script of the live-action Mulan are female as well.

There's a lot of excitement over the live-action adaptation of Mulan. We live in a progressive age where viewers would like to see proper representation in the films and television series they see in the big and small screen. Many are hoping that Mulan might help change the underrepresentation of Asians in Hollywood, marking another progressive step for society.

There used to be some whitewashing controversy surrounding the live-action adaptation of Mulan after fans looked into Disney's casting calls for Li Shang, however, Disney confirmed in October last year that all the primary roles would be played by Chinese actors and actresses.

Mulan has no release date just yet, but we'll update everyone as soon as we get word.

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