16 Mar 2018 11:18 AM +00:00 UTC

MTG YouTuber Opens 2 Masters 25 Boxes, Gets 72% Foil Duplication and 54% Rare Duplication

Screen Cap: YouTube/ Alpha Investments

Magic: The Gathering'sMasters 25 is now available in stores worldwide but some people online were concerned about the issues they've seen. Earlier this week, Rudy from Alpha Investments shared a video in which he opened two Masters 25 booster boxes that have identical mythic rares and rares. While some Redditors reported seeing randomization and ink blots issues, a London store showed a video in which they opened eight Masters 25 boxes but found no issues. Now, Rudy has another video of him opening two more Masters 25 boxes to see if he'll see another randomization issue.

Rudy claims that the booster boxes featured here came from different boxes and different distributors. After opening 48 booster packs of Masters 25 (24 in each box) and comparing the cards from those boxes, he got these results: 72% Foil Duplication and 54% Rare Duplication. That isn't as bad as the boxes Rudy got in his previous video but that's still a significant amount of similar rares. Some of his mythic rares were the same (including Master of the Wild Hunt - Rudy probably forgot that's mythic.)

Watch the video below:


We'll probably get a bigger picture if people compare more boxes at the same time like that store did to see if there's a pattern. Now that the set is available worldwide, maybe more people will be able to confirm if the issues addressed by Rudy and some others online are prevalent. Epicstream.com will be opening a booster box on video soon so stay tuned for that.

Masters 25 will have 249 cards. Its MSRP price for each booster pack is $9.99. It will be available on March 16, 2018, in English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese languages.

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