26 Mar 2018 1:02 PM +00:00 UTC

MTG Player Explains Why He Refused His Opponent's Handshake Twice in SCG Cincinnati

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering players shake hands after a game as a sign of sportsmanship, respect, and congratulations. The default action is for the loser to offer the handshake to the winner but what if it was the winner who offered the handshake and the loser refused? Who's right or wrong? It's a complicated issue and fans in the Magic community are debating on Twitter and Reddit over it.

Over the weekend at SCG Cincinnati, Magic: The Gathering player Benjamin Nikolich offered Sam Berkenbile a couple of handshakes after beating him in a game of Magic but his opponent refused to shake hands twice and just said, "No, thanks."

Nikolich a.k.a. The Jeskai Control Master has shared his reason why he offered a handshake to his opponent on Twitter:


"I offered the handshake because after a match you should shake hands with your opponent, win or lose," Nikolich wrote on Twitter. "It's just good sportsmanship."

Now, Berkenbile shared his thoughts on why he refused Nikolich's handshakes in a video he uploaded on YouTube:


Berkenbile talks about the etiquette of allowing the loser of the match to dictate the post-match handshake/good game expression because players react to losing differently. In the video, he admits being a salty player in the past. "It's just kind of unfortunate set of circumstances where he offered the handshake to me immediately, and I was too upset to take it," he explains.

Marshall Sutcliffe offered his perspective about the handshake debate in a new MTG Breakdown video. Watch it here:


Do you think it's okay to refuse a handshake even if the winner offered it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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