MTG Head Designer Reveals Who Died in The Artwork For Elderspell

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Wizards of the Coast

War of the Spark features some of the most compelling story elements we've seen in Magic: The Gathering. On top of the epic trailer, the set itself features various cards that connect to the story about the two-sided war with Nicol Bolas, the Gatewatch, and a bunch of other Planeswalkers. One of those cards was revealed yesterday and it's called "The Elderspell", which is a deadly spell that Bolas uses to harvest Planeswalker sparks so he can reach godhood.

The card's cool artwork by Daarken features an Eternal harvesting a spark from a Planeswalker but fans were wondering who that Planeswalker is.

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Many assumed that the Planeswalker in question is Ral because of his look but it turns out that he isn't. On his Blogatog, Rosewater has confirmed that the victimized Planeswalker in "The Elderspell" artwork is not Ral, but an unnamed Planeswalker. " There are a bunch of them in War of the Spark," Rosewater clarified.


This echoes what Rosewater said about the Planeswalkers of War of the Spark last month when he said that not all the Planeswalkers featured in the set's story will appear on cards. There are 36 Planeswalker cards in the new set (+1 for the buy-a-box promo) so there are obviously a lot more unnamed Planeswalkers that don't have their own cards to represent them. This gives us another look at the epic scale of the War of the Spark.

War of the Spark will be released on May 3, 2019. Prerelease events will take place on April 27-28.

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