Mortal Kombat 2, Spinoff Projects In Development at Warner Bros

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There is little doubt that Mortal Kombat teased a possible sequel. But how soon are we going to see the next film? A new report suggests that Warner Bros. already has several Mortal Kombat projects in development.

The revelation comes from Variety's in-depth report about Dune and its upcoming simultaneous release in theaters and HBO Max. Although the report focuses on why the Denis Villeneuve movie should be seen in the cinema, it also mentions what Warner Bros. is up to with its other franchises.

"Insiders say the HBO Max deal gives Villeneuve assurances that diminished box office revenues won't prohibit him from having the chance to make his follow-up feature. Other films that had a hybrid release still have talks of sequels, with Warner Bros. looking to develop other installments in its Mortal Kombat universe," the report reads.

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This isn't exactly a huge surprise since fans have been expecting Mortal Kombat 2 since the first movie's release. After all, the film concluded with Cole Young setting off to recruit Johnny Cage for Raiden's team of warriors.

But what are the Mortal Kombat spinoff projects about? Joe Taslim's multiple-picture contract might be a clue. It was previously reported that Taslim had signed on to work on more movies and it's possible we'll get to see a Sub-Zero standalone film.

For now, Warner Bros. has not made an official announcement about Mortal Kombat 2 or the spin-off projects. However, there is a possibility that we'll get a confirmation before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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