More Than 2 Million Copies Of Nintendo’s SNES Classics Have Been Sold In A Month

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The millennial age is the age of retro, and it seems like Nintendo has managed to sell more than two million SNES Classics ever since the company launched the cutesy retro consoles in North America and Europe in September this year.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo has just sold more than two million SNES Mini Consoles so far. More than 370,000 copies of the retro gaming platform has been selling in Japan in the span of half a week, indicating how saleable the consoles actually are.


Those are pretty impressive numbers and according to the publication, the demand for the SNES Mini Consoles have become so high in Japan that queues have started forming outside the stores that have the micro-console in stock.

For those who aren't familiar with Nintendo's retro offering the SNES Mini Console brings a set of old video games in a tiny box that gamers can plug into any standard HD TV through the use of an HDMI cord. Instead of using traditional SNES game carts, players can access their games through the push of a button and while designed to look like the classic SNES, the Mini Console looks a whole lot sleeker.

The SNES Classic is currently available for purchase in North America, Europe and Japan.

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