Milla Jovovich's Monster Hunter Movie Gets New Teaser Posters

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Monster Hunter continues to be one of Capcom's biggest moneymakers, especially the recent game Monster Hunter World, so it was only a matter of time before a live-action movie was made. What we didn't expect was for the exact same people who worked on the terrible Resident Evil movies to step up and work on this one, even getting Milla Jovovich to be the lead character for this franchise.

After some initial images disappointed, these new teaser posters look much more faithful to what Monster Hunter is about. While we know Jovovich's character comes from the real world, it is kind of fun seeing her and this other character with classic Monster Hunter weapons. It will be interesting to see if they include a whole making-a-weapon-from-a-monster's-remains-montage but we'll have to wait and see.

Credit: IGN
Credit: IGN

To be fair, it's not like the Monster Hunter lore is filled with great stories but that doesn't mean fans are willing to check out a mediocre action movie with the same name. Thankfully, even if the movie sucks, we will always have the video games to go back to, whether they're from the PSP, 3DS, or even the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Fans will be able to check out the Monster Hunter movie on September 4.


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