01 Aug 2016 1:07 PM +00:00 UTC

Mikkelsen Hints How His Villain Will Make Doctor Strange’s Character Suffer Somehow

Who knew that revenge can be so sweet, it transcends characters, time, and series?

This is how Mads Mikkelsen coyly responded when asked what he will be doing to give pain to Benedict Cumberbach's role in Doctor Strange.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Mikkelsen did admit that they're both not bound to win in either the series or in the movie Doctor Strange. And while we know that the heroes usually come out as winners in most superhero movies, he did hint that he delivers some kind of blow to Cumberbatch's hero.

"But I did get some kind of revenge for what happened to my brother, I must say."

For those who are not in on the joke, Mikkelsen's older brother, Lars, had been in Sherlock season three. He took on the role of Charles Augustus Magnussen, a media mogul and businessman. The older Mikkelsen was shot to the head, by no one else but Holmes.

Now that Mads is taking on the role of villain Kaecilius, he will be sharing the screen with Cumberbatch. What that revenge entails will have to wait with the movie, though. There is a slight hint of how exactly the conflict will play out between Doctor Strange and Kaecilius.

"He is a believer of a better place, that the world can be a better place. His means and his path to make that happen are quite different to the ones Doctor Strange has. So obviously, we have conflict there."

Conflict between a hero and a villain's point of view. Where haven't we heard that before? In any case, Doctor Strange will be out in theaters on Nov 4.

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