Mike Colter: Expect Jessica Jones Season 2 To Be 'Dark And Heavy'

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Luke Cage actor Mike Colter is currently working on The Defenders with Krysten Ritter and it looks like he has some news about the second season of Jessica Jones. Much like the tone of the first season, fans can expect Jessica Jones season two to be "Dark and Heavy."

This was reported by MCU Exchange on a Twitter post:

It's no mystery that Jessica Jones would keep to its dark tone since it's what made the series such hit in the first place. On the surface, it could be about an introverted super-powered P.I., but some have actually realized that the whole show is an elaborate metaphor for sexual abuse.


After David Tennant's marvelous run as Kilgrave, however, I'm wondering how the writers behind the show can find a way to top his chilling performance. The show really knew how to make mind-control seem like a horrifying superpower.

No specific release date has been announced for Jessica Jones season two, but hopefully it comes out on Netflix next year.

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