Microsoft Updates Fans On Steven Spielberg’s Live-Action Halo Series

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There might not be that much news about the Halo television series that legendary film director Steven Spielberg's working on with Microsoft, but it looks like the show's still in development.

Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries have just recently spoken with AR12Gaming and in the interview the two studios in charge of the Halo franchise provided an update on Spielberg's television series, saying that they're still developing the project alongside Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Showtime.

"Progress on the Halo Television Series continues. We want to ensure we're doing this the right way together with a team of creative partners (Steven Spielberg and Showtime) that can help us build the best Halo series that fans expect and deserve. We have no further details to share at this time."


The studios didn't give any more info aside from the casual update reassuring fans that the Halo series won't fall to the wayside like Neil Blomkamp's planned Halo film, but it's good to hear that Spielberg and his team are trying to get the series right – after all, we wouldn't want the show to end up as another failing videogame adaptation. Spielberg has also been busy working on his two upcoming films, The Papers and Ready Player One, so the Halo series might take a while.

There's no release date for Spielberg's Halo series just yet but we'll keep everyone updated once we get word.

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