Microsoft Reportedly Interested In Purchasing EA

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There's a rumor running around the mill saying that Microsoft is interested in acquiring a major third-party studio to help develop its exclusive Xbox games, and it looks like one of the studios the company is interested in is Electronic Arts.

Though the California-based video game company has been surrounded by controversy ever since the gamers started rioting against the "pay-to-win" scheme it had in place in Star Wars Battlefront II, a new report by Polygon indicates that Microsoft has been eyeing a few third-party studios for acquisition, and the names listed include Valve, PUBG Corp, and Electronic Arts.

Though Microsoft had a good year last year, analysts David Cole from DFC intelligence says that the company needs to start working up a strategy on how to remain relevant in the gaming industry moving forward.


Microsoft has always been having issues developing its own content for its video game console, and X-Box head Phil Spencer has acknowledged the need to invest in delivering first-party content. Analysts believe that the best route would be to make a major acquisition, and EA's name has been tossed in the ring by a reliable source close to Microsoft.

After all, with the market capitalization of EA estimated to be around $35 billion and Microsoft's cash pot sitting at $130 billion, then what does the company have to lose?

Microsoft has made disappointing acquisitions before, but EA has a strong roster of games, and Microsoft would certainly benefit from the success of games like FIFA and Battlefield.

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