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Microsoft Delays Halo Infinite After Xbox Series X Showcase Backlash

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Halo Infinite didn't leave a great first impression when gameplay of the highly-anticipated Xbox Series X game was unveiled during the company's recent showcase of upcoming titles. In fact, many thought that the game just didn't look next-gen nor does it look like something people get a brand-new console for, hence the negativity. Given all of the criticism, it's understandable that Microsoft and 343 Industries would delay the game to improve it.

On Twitter, the official Halo Infinite delay was announced, with the developers saying that they will release this game come 2021. This is actually a huge deal since this game was supposed to sell consoles during this year's launch and the fact that it won't come out this year anymore is a bit worrisome.

In the statement above, they don't actually mention any of the Xbox Series X showcase backlash, mostly blaming the Coronavirus pandemic for this delay and they could be right. Let's be honest, COVID-19 has changed and delayed everything, making 2020 the worst year ever and no new consoles are going to change that (maybe).

Microsoft and 343 Industries are hoping that Halo Infinite will be the console exclusive that fans will be talking about, with previous interviews saying that it will go back to its roots while possibly introducing some open-world elements. For the sake of healthy gaming consoles, we do hope that Infinite ends up being pure joy to anyone who plays it, even to the die-hard Sony fans.

Halo Infinite has been delayed and will now come out in 2021.

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