Michael Rooker Thinks This The Walking Dead Alum Will Do Well in MCU

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Daryl fans will know this--if there's anything that made Norman Reedus' character go from zero to hero within The Walking Dead's first few seasons alone, it's that he had grown from being the pushover but still loving younger brother to Michael Rooker's Merle.

However, even with that kind of breakthrough, it's hard to deny that the two on-screen Dixon brothers were pretty much a team that's you-and-me against the world. Of course, that's until Daryl had to kill his zombified brother.

While this may have separated the Dixon brothers—propelled Daryl's status to fan-favorite and brought the Merle actor to different projects including Guardians of the Galaxy—it seems that the camaraderie of the onscreen siblings are far from gone.

At a press conference (via Comicbook.com), Rooker mentioned that he would love to have the chance to work with Reedus again.

"I think me and Norman would make a great team."

This is a funny and almost fitting way to approach how they can go back to working together. Rooker's character in the MCU is the Centaurian pirate Yondu, who happens to use arrows to take down enemies. Daryl does that too, though he uses that badass bow that only he should wield (sorry Dwight).

Wouldn't it be nice to see Reedus even for just a cameo as a fellow Centaurian pirate, perhaps by Yondu's side as his second man and they'll kick ass, just for the heck of it?

But fans may have a different take on how Reedus could enter the Marvel franchise—and that's with Ghost Rider. It would've been very fitting, what with his motorcycle riding, brooding aura, and that badass leather ensemble. He had even said that he was down to do the role if it was ever offered.

That's off the table now for Marvel's TV series, but there are still a lot of possibilities and ways for Reedus to break into the big screen with Marvel. But I'm still crossing my fingers for that Merle second man cameo.


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