30 Aug 2016 6:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Metallo Will Appear in Supergirl Season 2

The classic Superman villain Metallo will be making his debut in the Supergirl TV show, Entertainment Weekly reports. Frederick Schmidt, who has appeared in Starred Up and Paradise, has been picked to play him. And it seems like both Superman and Supergirl will be taking him on.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Schmidt plays the villainous John Corben, who has been reimagined as a "international assassin". He is "badly injured" after trying to fight both Superman and Supergirl and then is "reborn by a shadow organization into the Kryptonite-powered supervillain Metallo". Metallo will be appearing in the first two episodes of the second season, which will premiere Monday, October 10th at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Metallo first debuted in 1959 in Action Comics #252. The original Metallo was just a guy in a suit of armor. But these days, he's commonly depicted as a cyborg who uses Kryptonite to power himself.


In his most well known origin, Corben is not an international assassin, but a simple con-man who got badly injured in an accident. A scientist named Emmett Vale rescued him and gave him a cyborg body. Vale asked Corben to fight Superman, who he believed was an invader set to conquer earth. Vale responded by snapping his neck. However, his activities as a thug still bought him into conflict with Superman later and he found the Kryptonite gave him a big advantage.

His origin in the new 52 reboot is a little more similar to the one described for Supergirl- he's part of a military organization under the command of Lois Lane's dad and is impled to be an ex-boyfriend of Lois's. He's injured in a fight with Braniac and given the cyborg body.

It'll be interesting to see what Supergirl does with Metallo and the Kryptonite will certainly pose an issue for the superpowered duo. Are you looking forward to seeing Metallo?

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