Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Also Wants Animated Show With Game's Original Cast

Metal Gear Solid is the one video game franchise that seems destined for the big screen so we're actually shocked that a movie adaptation hasn't been made yet. Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is currently working on the live-action movie but hasn't been able to reveal much, presumably because he wants it to be as faithful as possible. Turns out that he thinks the Metal Gear Solid movies can actually expand a bit more since he also wants an animated series with the game's original cast.

Speaking with Gary Whitta on his Animal Crossing talk show (seriously), Vogt-Roberts spoke about the six years of making the movie and how difficult it's been, mostly because he knows how important this franchise is to fans. Trying to pitch movies in Hollywood is hard enough but having to pitch a video game franchise that's so complex and, let's be honest, a bit full of itself must be even more difficult.

"It's a difficult thing. Getting any movie made in Hollywood is hard. Getting something like Metal Gear made where it is so complex is even harder. That's why I'm trying to make it for a budget where you can do crazy shit, where you can do the Metal Gear version of it, where it isn't neutered."

Beyond that, he also wants to make a Metal Gear Solid animated series with the same cast from older games. Vogt-Roberts says that he's "trying to get an animated series going that brings back David Hayter, that brings back the original voice cast, and doing that in tandem [with the MGS movie]."

No release date for the Metal Gear Solid movie has been announced yet but fans can't help but be excited, mostly due to the enthusiasm of Vogt-Roberts. Here's hoping it's another good video game movie.

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