Matt Reeves' The Batman Will Reportedly Not Have Ben Affleck

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When War For The Planet Of The Apes director Matt Reeves said The Batman would be a standalone film DCEU, it raised a lot of question marks. Ben Affleck had signed on for Reeves' trilogy, plus a Batman Beyond movie, so it got a lot of fans talking. However, new reports are claiming that Affleck will no longer be a part of these films.

Affleck's status in the DCEU after the poorly received Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been called into question numerous times, though he revealed that he would be staying during San Diego Comic-Con. Since these films by Matt Reeves won't be in the DCEU, there's a good chance that Affleck will stay as the popular comic book character in future films after Justice League.

The Hollywood Reporter(THR) originally had this excerpt from their report, though the website has now cut it:

"The new line, or possibly label, will allow for the making of movies that will stand apart and separate from those big-budget tentpoles. Matt Reeves' The Batman, for example, is intended to not be connected to the Justice League universe but to be set in a different time period and star another actor."

Since the edit was made, THR has stated the following:

"An earlier version of this story stated that Matt Reeves' The Batman was part of Warner Bros.' new label and would star a new actor as Batman, but it is unclear where that project will fall."

It's interesting to see the report back away from the Reeve's The Batman being in the Elseworlds line that includes the Joker origin film, but not Affleck stepping down from the role. Warner Bros might have to make a statement of some sort, since this will undoubtedly confuse many fans.

Ben Affleck might be out as Reeves' Batman, but he will still play the role in this year's Justice League movie. That film comes to theaters in November 17 and stars Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flask, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Henry Cavill as the returning Superman.

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