Matt Reeves: The Batman Spinoff’s Batsuit Won’t Have This Classic Bat-Feature

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Though Ben Affleck may be out of the director's chair, Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves has now taken the helm for the solo Batman movie. With Batman getting a new suit for Justice League, Reeves confirms that his movie won't have this classic Bat-feature.

And what's the feature, you ask? Bat-nipples.

Joel Schumacher's Batman movies had infamously had Batman's batsuit sport nipples in the sense that they were inspired by old Greek statues. With Batfleck as serious and broody as he is onscreen, there's obviously no room for something as silly as that.


What I would like to see, however, is a room with all of Batman's previous bastuits and possibly one that he has in store for the future. How cool would it be to see a Keaton-inspired batsuit next to a prototype for the suit in Batman Beyond? Maybe we can even have Nightwing joking with him about putting nipples on an old suit.

As it stands, there's still no release date for the Batman solo movie, but hopefully we'll get an update after the release of Justice League. Rumor has it that DC is currently waiting to see the results of the Justice League movie before they move forward with any more DCEU films in the future. Catch the movie on Nov. 17.

The Batman still has no official release date.

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