Matt Reeves Clarifies Batman's Position In The DCEU After Confusing Reports

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There have been reports going around that the Batman solo movie that Matt Reeves was working on will be taking place outside of the DCEU without Ben Affleck, and fanboys were left in a state of panic. Reeves, however, took to Twitter to settle everything down and clarify what he meant with his comments.

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After there were also some reports on a Joker origin movie taking place outside the DCEU, fans thought that the upcoming Batman film could also be going through the same thing. With Warner Bros trying to build their own cinematic universe, it would feel like a step backwards to have Batman in his own world again.

Looking at how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, fans can say that the DCEU is left hilariously behind. The franchise already has four movies out, and it took the release of Wonder Woman to make fans feel like the franchise is heading to a good direction.

As of now, we still have no release date for the Batman solo movie, but the Caped Crusader is making his third onscreen appearance in the upcoming Justice League.

Justice League hits theaters Nov. 17.

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