Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Multiplayer Works With the Campaign

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A seamless and non-intrusive multiplayer is still currently the main goal of game developers. After all, we've seen that just as multiplayer can keep a game going after the narrative is done, there's also a need to respect the single-player campaign for its story and framework alone.

Not many games are able to make good use of the two modes, much less create a scenario that will enable narrative flow but still allow the player to enjoy multiplayer without forced leveling up. This is already complicated in itself but the good thing is that Mass: Effect Andromeda developers are hard at work to tear down the walls of levels and intrusive multiplayer for the game.

In an interview with GameSpot, game lead designer Ian Frazier revealed that the multiplayer has tie-ins with the narrative campaign through the use of the Strike Teams.


According to Frazier, the Strike Teams can be used both as a strategy mechanism, while also allowing it to stay separate from the storyline. Best of all, there's the promise of another seamless transition, but this time, there's also a mechanism that will make the missions players undergo more seamless and appropriate to your particular genre in mind.

This definitely prevents the danger of being taken out of the context while you're enjoying the ride.

"The idea is, if you're really into multiplayer, you get all the things you already liked plus it's benefiting your single-player campaign. If you're only into multiplayer, cool. If you're only into single-player, cool. We tried to set it up in a way that there's nothing you can't get within the context of single-player. You don't have to play multiplayer at all if you don't want to."

Mass Effect: Andromeda will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One come March 21.

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