Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks Doctor Strange’s Contribution to Phase 3

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Marvel has already plotted the future of its Cinematic Universe quite a long way into the future. Though fans already have an idea of where Avengers: Infinity War is taking its inspiration from in terms of ensemble fights, Marvel's Kevin Feige has hinted that magic will play some role in the Phase 3 of The Grand Plan.

Speaking with Screenrant, Feige confirmed that not only will Doctor Strange be a definite character in the third Avengers, but he will also be introducing magic into the universe. Without spoiling a lot of what his role will be, Feige did hint that Strange will not necessarily be getting his hands dirty with street crime.

"I don't think he does a lot of hanging out, necessarily. He's not going to intervene in the bodega crime down the street. But as things get bigger and as threats get bigger, he can serve a very good very good purpose and can make his presence known."

Interestingly, even before Doctor Strange manages to make his debut in the MCU, hints to what the presence of magic in the realm has already been present. More than the supernatural quality of Asgardian gods, Feige refers back to the time when Thor had hinted the presence of magic and its blurring the lines with science.

In Doctor Strange, this will have a similar reference in that there's a science aspect in Stephen Strange as a surgeon and his learnings from The Ancient One and the mystical arts.

Still, as far as what audiences can expect of Doctor Strange, it can stand on its own feet outside of the MCU. When asked if Strange knows what happens beyond his own realm, Feige hints that the focus of the story is Strange's life and how it takes a turn for the, well, strange.

"It [MCU events] doesn't come up much in this film. One would imagine that anyone living in New York was aware of what had occurred in various instances. But like in our real life, people go about their daily business, their job, and his job is to be the best neurosurgeon and to take the best cases and to get the most attention and to get the most accolades, and that's what he's focused on until his accident. So he doesn't spend a lot of time talking or thinking about The Avengers."

Doctor Strange will arrive in theaters on Nov. 4.

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