Marvel's Inhumans: New Trailer Showcases Terrigenesis And Lockjaw

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Marvel's Inhumans is set to debut this week, but the series sure has gone through the ringer. Reports claim that the first season of the show might be the only one we see, due to the poor review scores from critics. Still, it hasn't stopped Marvel from promoting the show, as this new trailer shows a lot of content.

While Maximus gets most of the spotlight - just like previous trailers - we also get to see how the Terrigen Mists work. The trailer shows two Inhumans enter special containment chambers, where they soon get their powers. Making the process more interesting is the uncertain look on the face of these Inhumans, showing that not everyone wants to go through the process.

Terrigenesis has been around since the early days of the Inhumans, as it is a vital part of their lore. Going through the treatment is a right of passage to the species since the powers acquired show what role they will play in the kingdom.


Fan favorite Lockjaw is also seen at the start of the video and he continues to be adorable. This adorable huge dog is the main source of transportation for the Inhumans, thanks to his teleportation powers. He is only briefly seen with Crystal, but the CGI for the creature is fairly impressive.

Marvel's Inhumans premieres on ABC this week, in September 29.

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