Marvel's 'Civil War II' Delayed Again

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Marvel's Civil War II comic has been delayed even further, io9 reports. The fifth issue of the comic was previously delayed due to the birth of the artist's son and the fact Brian Micheal Bendis thought up a new ending for the event that needed an additional issue. Now the sixth issue of the comic has been pushed back too,

Civil War II's issue #6 was supposed to come out this month, but the Diamond Comics Distributors Previews website now confirms that the issue will instead be released on October 26. This delay means the following Civil War II comics will now also be pushed back a month. Civil War II #8 will now be released on December 26th, nearly two months after it was originally supposed to be released.

Delays in "big event" comics aren't a new issue for Marvel. Last year's Secret Wars event, which was also helmed by Brian Micheal Bendis, also struggled with huge delays. In fact, the relaunch that was supposed to follow the event, The "All-New, All-Different" Marvel, happened well before the event itself was finished because of this.


The same thing will be true for the Marvel NOW! relaunch thanks to this news. The Marvel NOW! relaunch is set to happen in November and Civil War II will be finishing at least a month after this. This will lead to the odd experience of seeing how the ending of Civil War II impacted the Marvel universe before it actually...ends.

Honestly, in my opinion, this being a continuing issue means that Marvel needs to reevaluate how they do big events. We get so many big Marvel events and relaunches without any breathing room between them that delays and problems like this are bound to happen. I think these events need to be spaced out more and more thought should go into organizing them, with backup plans for unexpected events.

But that's just my opinion. What do you think? What does Marvel need to do to prevent these delays? Or are the delays no big deal, so no prevention is needed?

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