Marvel's Black Bolt Gets a Solo Comic Series

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The king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, is getting his first solo comic series as part of the 'ResurXion' event, Newsaramareports. It will be written by Saladin Ahmed (The Cresent Moon Kingdom novels) and drawn by Christian Ward (The Infinite Vacation, Young Avengers). It will be coming out in the spring of 2017.

Ahmed had a lot to say about Black Bolt as a character. "he's kind of an odd character, because he's been around in the Marvel Universe for fifty years," Ahmed said. And the Inhumans have always been this sort of interesting, almost 'cult' thing, in the Marvel Universe. They've never been as famous as the X-Men or The Hulk, or Spider-Man, or anything like that. For more kinda hardcore Marvel nerds, they're these touchstone characters."

Since the Inhumans are more obscure (thought they might not be for long, with the TV series on the way), Ahmed said the challenge is introducing Black Bolt to new readers. "It's very much a story that's intended to be new reader friendly, despite it being this kind of cult property. It's intended to bring in people who aren't necessarily massive Inhumans fans, or even [fans of] Marvel continuity. So to a certain degree, at least at first, the book is not going to be bogged down by connections from all the other Inhumans things going on."


Ahmed went into more detail about the themes of the series. "It's a story of a King, kind of discovering humility and also a nobility in people he was ready to write off. It's a book about, nobility and power, and about your rank in the world. That's for this arc, specifically. He said that "further down the line, I think there's a lot of stuff to explore with the question of the Inhumans and separatism vs integration," but that for the early parts of the book, he's going to keep it simple. "This first arc readers will see is pretty self-contained, and is just meant to bring readers in."

You can see the cover for Black Bolt #1 by Christian Ward below:

It sounds like Ahmed has a lot of plans for the Black Bolt title. I hope it goes well. What do you think? Are you excited for the title?

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