Marvel Ultimate Alliance To Lauch on PS4, Xbox One And PC On Tuesday

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Two of the best Marvel Comics console games, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, are coming to current gen consoles and PC July 26.

The news was offiically announced during the Marvel games panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, and the games will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and they aim to stay as faithful to the 2006 an 2009 originals as possible. The games might get some graphics, UI and performance tweaks to get the games running smooth.

Each game will be sold digitally for around $39.99 or $59.99 for the whole package. As enjoyable as these games are, I don't think it's worth paying that much for a game that's 10 years-old unless they add a siginificant amount of content that would add more value to them.

The Ultimate Alliance games were created as a wider-scope follow-up to Raven Software's X-Men Legends action RPG series. The first Ultimate Alliance game tells an original story, and the second is loosely based around Marvel's Civil War and Secret War storylines. Players can form a team of four Marvel heroes from a huge roster and travel through chapters, beating up enemies and gaining experience as they go.