Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Games No Longer Available on Current-Gen Systems

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The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games have always been fun titles for comic book fans and it was a relief too many when both titles were available to current-gen gaming systems two years ago. While the first game had dated visuals, it did also have a huge roster of characters and a tone that embraced the campy nature of comics, while the second game had a smaller roster but better graphics and a more serious story based on Civil War.

Unfortunately, both games are no longer available for download and have been delisted from PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam. Both titles were on sale a number of times, most recently on Steam, before being taken down by Activision. No reason was given, though it was likely due to licensing issues.


Now, fans who were able to buy these games can still play them and even re-download them if deleted. Unfortunately, newer players won't be able to play these games anymore unless they can hunt down physical copies for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS4 and Xbox One versions were never given physical releases.

Sadly, this isn't new for those that are interested in Activision's licensed titles. They had recently removed their Transformers and Spider-Man games as well. It's just a shame that Activision didn't tell fans beforehand.

Via Reddit

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