Marvel Studios Posts Video to Thank Fans for 10 Years of Support

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The MCU has been marvelously going along for ten years, and Marvel has no plans to stop anytime soon. After 18 films, Marvel Studios has posted up this video starring several MCU mainstays thanking the fans for over 10 years of dedication.

Check it out:

The video is short, but it does celebrate everything that has to do with the fandom including cosplay, online debates, and lining up for Hall H at Comic-Con. With the DCEU having such a hard time trying to get its tone down pat, Marvel fans sure are happy that the MCU has a fully fleshed out world with films that generally everyone loves.


With the release of Avengers 4 next year, Marvel looks to be ending an era of the MCU, and it's very likely that we'll be seeing some of our favorite Avengers onscreen for the last time. It doesn't necessarily mean that they'll die, but if the MCU actually wants some genuine catharsis from its audience, then having someone like Captain America say his farewell would be something I'm expecting to see.

Part one of the Avengers 2-parter, Avengers: Infinity War is set to come out April 27.

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