15 Sep 2021 2:33 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Action Figures Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Credit: Hasbro

It looks like we're getting some awesome 90s nostalgia heading our way thanks to Hasbro who just announced six epic Marvel Legends figurines from Spider-Man.

Whether you're going for the classic Spider-Man or fan favourite villains such as Hobgoblin, we think these make a fantastic addition to any Marvel fan's collection.

And guess what, they're up for pre-order right now! Here's everything you need to know and more.


Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Action figures from Hasbro are now available for pre-order and are set to officially release In January 2022.

The latest wave of Marvel Legends contains six figurines, which include Symbiote Spider-man, Ben Riley Spider-man, Spider Armour MK I, Hobgoblin, Hammerhead and Shocker.

The action figures are available as both a set or individually, however, if you buy them as a set they will still come in their individual boxes with a mint condition guarantee provided from entertainment earth.

Click the links below to pre-order now:

Full Set
Symbiote Spider-man
Ben Riley Spider-man
Spider Armour MK I

Each one of these action figures features a ton of vibrancy and individuality, each of them coming with its own adjustable hands, weapons or accessories.

Symbiote Spider-Man and Ben Reilly Spider-Man come with alternate hands, Shocker includes alternate hands and energy shock blasts.

Hammerhead includes alternate hands and a baseball bat, Spider-Man Armour MK I has spare hands plus webs, and Hobgoblin features his glider, a pumpkin bomb and a bomb bag.

The retro-style artwork and classic comic book style of the packaging is a nice touch and keeps the action figures in a nice frame for mint condition collectors.

For any long-time spider-man fans out there, these action figures invoke heaps of nostalgia and are an excellent throwback to where it all began.

Our Top Pick

For us, our personal favourite has to be the Ben Reilly Spider-Man, the classic look is a hard one to beat and three pairs of hands allows you to create all the action poses.

The retro 90s header and splash art of Spider-Man on the box complete this collectable for us, making it a solid option for the mint condition collectors out there too.