10 Oct 2016 11:00 AM +00:00 UTC

Marvel is Looking at a Big Year for Women Heroes in Its Comics Lineup

It's a great time to be a woman for Marvel comic fans. At the NYCC 2016, Marvel has detailed some of its plans when it comes to the women who will be featured in upcoming comic books under different franchises.

There's a lot of comic books that are either recently released or about to be released, and a lot of them are featuring both the favorites and the breakout women in Marvel, CBR reported.

At a panel in the event, some of the comic book creators have discussed their plans for upcoming series, starting with Hulk. The comic book, which will feature Jen Walters as the Hulk is said to be scheduled sometime in December.


There's also America Chavez, a project that is reportedly a long time in the making. This is also probably the reason why the creators did not feel the need to share more information about it.

The report also confirmed Squirrel Girl coming sometime in February 2017. Content Development Director Sana Amanat confirmed that the upcoming comic is an origin tale, and one that will focus more on her as a character rather than a superhero.

"Well, right now, we wanted to do a more low-key story. Obviously there's superhero stuff, but we like to focus on her as a character. The middle grade novel is a really great origin tale of Squirrel Girl and her adventures."

Other comics that received some new release date approximations include Black Widow: Red Vengeance, set for some time in fall 2017, and the first two issues of Mighty Captain Marvel this December and January next year.

Amanat also touched on Madaya Mom, which is a more grounded approach to comics, as it will be exploring the Syrian conflict from the titular character's perspective. From the looks of it, this comic is in partnership with ABC News and it will be free to be read online.

Marvel has emphasized that this is a big year not just for its women-driven comics, but also female-led titles. Compared to previous years wherein there were visibly fewer of these choices, Marvel is pushing forward the fact that the company is presenting more opportunities for these kinds of stories to be heard.

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