Marvel Heroes 2016 Celebrates Netflix’s Luke Cage With Free Game Unlocks

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Marvel's Luke Cage is debuting in Netflix this month. But that's not the only place where you can find the Power Man.

While some players may already have Luke Cage, those who don't will get the chance to get him as part of their roster in Marvel Heroes 2016—for free!

Speaking to Marvel, Gazillion's Game Designer Ben Waggoner detailed all the cool stuff awaiting players in the game. Those who are already familiar with Luke Cage in the game will see some upgrades by way of visual updates to his Modern and Classic costumes.


According to Waggoner, his Modern costume looks very realistic, while the Classic costume goes back to his original 1970s appeal—think silk shirts and sideburns. Since it is a celebration of the Netflix debut, the developer is also bringing in a Netflix-inspired costume, which is his street-style outfit.

There are other additions coming to Marvel Heroes 2016. Jessica Jones is also coming, and Waggoner shared that she is the perfect team-up for someone who loves to throw things and punches at opponents.

If that's not enough, there's also a Heroes for Hire event, which puts the spotlight on Luke Cage and the entire Heroes for Hire team.

"Players who play as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Human Torch, and Black Cat will gain increased experience for the duration of the event. Additionally, while playing as those characters, we have an in-game tournament that tracks how many Gang Members, Maggia, and Mercenary enemies that you defeat, as well as how many civilians you rescue, placing you on a leaderboard with other players."

To get your own Luke Cage, make sure to log in to Marvel Heroes 2016 on Oct. 1. Players will get a free token that will unlock him for free. On the other hand, those who already have Luke Cage can upgrade the character using the obtained token.

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