Marvel Games Will Unveil New Female Characters in Women of Power Event

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Marvel is taking part in women empowerment by highlighting powerful female superheroes in its next gaming event this March. The Women of Power event is tied to Marvel Publishing's Women of Power variant cover initiative set to feature 25 of the company's most iconic comic book characters.

Marvel has been dedicated to highlighting female superheroes for a long time, but with the Women of Power gaming event, the ladies will be introduced not just in the comics but on to games as well.

The new Women of Power characters and content will debut starting tomorrow, March 3, at the gaming event. The characters will be available across all games on mobile, console, handheld, and PC titles.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Creative Director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, said:

Across our portfolio, we're going to launch over a dozen new female characters in all of our different games as well as the in game story events.
The beauty of Marvel is the width and breadth of our character lineup. The Women of Power event is a culmination of what's been going on at Marvel and sort of the organic growth of their Women of Marvel movement from the podcast to different events.

Characters to be featured include Moonstone, Captain Marvel and Poundcakes in LEGO Marvel's Avengers; Kamala Khan, She-Hulk, X-23 in Marvel Contest of Champions, Proxima Midnight in Marvel Future Fight, Silk and other Spider women in Spider-Man Unlimited, Rescue (Pepper Potts) in Marvel Heroes 2016, and a host of other new lady heroes from Marvel's Avengers Academy.

Meanwhile, Marvel Puzzle Quest will also be releasing its own Women of Power variant covers that will feature their best female characters.

It's exciting to think how many more female superheroes Marvel will be bringing into its universe. Fans would be glad to know that the introduction of new heroes aren't stopping here.

According to Marvel's Director of Content and Character Development, Sana Amanat, this is simply the beginning of giving these characters their own time in the spotlight.

She said:

There is very much the idea here that a lot of these characters can transcend their current roles. For me, I'm kind of looking at the possibilities that exist and I know that it's just a matter of time before it starts going into our other divisions.
But we also want to make sure that we are cultivating a mission for the growth of these characters in a way that's realistic and authentic, and it's really more about having the Marvel universe expand and grow, and educating our fans and new audiences about the treasure chest of characters that exist that they might not traditionally know of as we do start expanding them in different areas.

I wouldn't be surprised if we'll be seeing these new characters on the big screen sometime in the future. Since Disney already confirmed an infinite movie franchise for Marvel, the possibilities are endless.

Check out the "Women of Power" event's preview images:

Image Credit: Marvel

Image Credit: Marvel

Image Credit: Marvel