Marvel Games Will Have New & Unique Stories

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For a number of years, DC has been dominating the gaming scene. Batman has always been a big favorite, with Rocksteady's BatmanArkham series being an undeniable winner. The upcoming Injustice 2 proves that the original game really needs a follow-up.

All of this with the context that Marvel has been in the lesser position. Now, the company seems bent on changing just that. In an interview with GameSpot, Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann hints at the very interesting and driven goal.

"Our philosophy going forward is that we're gonna match the best characters with the best partners to create the best games at the best time."

He added that one approach for this would be to partner up with developers by presenting them with IPs and having a very collaborative approach to creating games. Rosemann added that Marvel is not bent on being too controlling about what a developer can do. If anything, it would want each partner to be at the forefront of the games, enabling it to leave a footprint that is recognizable of that developer.

"We want to make sure—and so do our partners—that since these characters have such long running fandom that goes back many years, they want to make sure that when they build the story and build the experience that it feels right. It feels authentic. That we get the characters right, we get the locations right, that it's filled with Easter eggs. That it's filled with all the things they love about Marvel."

Even with the differences that this approach can bring to the Marvel games, Rosemann believes that there will be an overarching theme of the heroic stories, accessible and human in all their right. Best of all, Marvel never forgets the humor in its universes.

As far as a shared universe go, Marvel games won't necessarily be as interweaved as its cinematic universe is. However, there will be nods here and there, perhaps enough to make them count as Easter Eggs per game.

So far, we're looking at Insomniac's Spider-Man, Telltale Games' Guardians of the Galaxy, and Square Enix's still untitled Avengers game project, with more to come later on.

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