06 Jul 2018 12:38 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Games Promises 'Unannounced Surprises' For SDCC 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games looks to be a revival of sorts for the company's video game image. Fans have felt that Marvel mostly focuses their efforts on mobile games and the occasional Vs Capcom title but Spider-Man PS4 is going to change that. We will be able to see more of the game during SDCC 2018 but apparently, that's not the only Marvel game we will see.

According to a description from the Marvel Games SDCC 2018 panel, there will be a number of "unannounced surprises" which sounds enticing. While it could be more mobile games, which isn't a bad thing, to be honest, we can only hope that we get more console Marvel games.

Get an inside look at the latest and greatest from Marvel Games. Attendees will see exciting sneak peeks of Marvel's Spider-Man, Marvel Powers United VR, and Marvel Battle Lines, with many unannounced surprises and panel exclusives. Host Greg Miller (loudmouth at KindaFunny.com) will be joined by Mike Jones (vice president & executive producer, Marvel Games), Bill Rosemann (executive creative director, Marvel Games), Bryan Intihar (creative director, Insomniac Games, Marvel's Spider-Man), and others.

Just to be clear, this doesn't mean that we will finally see gameplay footage from Square Enix's Avengers Project, the Marvel game fans want to see badly. Many thought we were going to get our first look at the game during E3 but that didn't happen. Still, we can only hope that a cool-looking Marvel game debuts and leave fans wanting.

Then again, SDCC 2018 is mostly known for comic and movie announcements, so revealing a brand-new Marvel game might be wishful at this point. Still, you never know what cool thing might get announced during the event.

Spider-Man PS4 comes out on September 7.

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