Marvel Dates Two of Its Unspecified Films

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Release dates of films, especially those that don't even have a title to date, can be very tricky.

With all the director exits and creative difference conflicts happening left and right, these dates should be take more or less as placeholders. Of course, when you're one of the biggest studios as of the moment, such as Marvel, you know that fans will still wait patiently for updates.


Fox has just supposedly outed the release dates of two still-untitled Marvel films. Announced by the Exhibitor Relations Twitter (via Comicbook Movie), the two dates are Nov. 2, 2018 and Feb. 14, 2019 respectively. Both Marvel films were confirmed as untitled ones.

According to the report, the likely candidates for these premieres are Gambit and Deadpool 3. There has also been mention of X-Men: Apocalypse and New Mutants. As for me, the wording of the Nov. 2 teaser makes me wonder if it's supposed to be Black Panther. Just where else will you use "pounces" than for a cat-related creature, right?


Not to mention that Black Panther is currently tagged for a July 6, 2018 release date. that's just four months' worth of difference, so I wouldn't count out that little speculation out.

The other teaser is more generic and hard to glean anything from. The most we can do for this one is to jump the rumor mill and see if it goes anywhere at all.

Do you have any guesses what these movies could be?

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