19 Aug 2016 1:51 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Contest of Champions Welcomes Card-slinging Gambit

The X-Men's card-slinging Remy LeBeau is coming to Marvel Contest of Champions. Before you get to playing, Game Designers Dominic O'Grady and Justin Ostensen discussed how they came about to creating Gambit so he fits right into the fray.

Over at the Marvel website, the designers detail their inspiration for the character, starting with the fact that it's from the 90s design for X-Men.

"He's the real deal, right down to the kinetic cards! He's absolutely one of our most flashy characters; the animators and artists really went to town with Gambit."

When designing Gambit's look and feel as a fighter in the roster of Marvel Contest of Champions, Art Director Gabriel Frizzera also shared that their goal was to developer a character that's straight from the source. Without ignoring the classic Marvel brawler games, the creators felt that this move was for the best, as it allows re-interpretation for an authentic approach to a Marvel creation.

More than the design, Gambit will feature the Ragin' Cajun ability. This basically allows him to power up existing abilities to make them even more effective. His Flak Jacket will be able to absorb more Physical Resistance for long fights and his Buff Prowess will give him a large Critical Damage boost.

What makes Gambit an interesting play is that his strategy also involves a spin of risk versus reward.

"We want to capture Gambit's high stakes, push-your-luck mentality with this ability... he has to be careful, because whenever Gambit is struck by a combo he has a chance to Fold and lose all of his Kinetic charges. It's all about risk vs. reward and how far the player wants to push to get that extra bit of bonus damage for a massive Special Attack."

Gambit is already available in Marvel Contest of Champions. He had already been present in the Terrigenocide event, but fans can check out in-game messages and arenas on more details of how to get him in the game.

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