Marvel Comments On Brian Michael Bendis' Departure

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The comic book world has been buzzing about DC's acquisition of Brian Michael Bendis, who will be working for the company in a multi-year deal. Prior to this, Bendis had been working with Marvel for 17 years and still has four ongoing titles with the publisher: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders. Marvel has since released a statement on the long-time writer's departure.

According to a statement on Newsarama, Marvel knew that Bendis wouldn't be resigning with the company. A Marvel spokesperson thanked Bendis for his tenure with the company and wished him luck with his future projects. However, the publisher declined to comment on the fate of his four ongoing titles and his side project Punisher: End of Days, a pseudo-sequel to the acclaimed Daredevil: End of Days.

It will be interesting to see who will be replacing Bendis in the four titles he is currently writing and when they will come. Bendis is currently in the middle of the biggest Iron Man story ever told, culminating in the character's 600th issue. He also just started the Legacy arcs for The Defenders, Jessica Jones, and Spider-Man.

Speaking of Spider-Man, fans are aware that no other writer has written the solo adventures of the Miles Morales aside from Bendis, so it will be interesting to see who replaces him. For the sake of diversity and authenticity, fans can hope that a writer who isn't caucasian will get to pen the continuing adventures of Miles Morales.

Expect news on Bendis' first DC title soon.

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