Marvel Comics Blames Fans For Low Sales, Says They "Didn't Want Female Characters Out There"

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Marvel Comics has recently seen a huge sales nosedive, with most comics cancelled and then relaunched every six issues.

Marvel Comics VP of Sales David Gabriel recently spoke at a retailer summit (via ICV2), where he blamed fans for "turning their noses up" at diversity and even said that fans "didn't want female characters out there." (via ICV2).

Marvel Comics is notorious for blaming the fans when they mess up. The real problem fans have with these "diverse" superheroes is that they replaced already existing characters. It's been a terrible failure ever since Marvel did this with Richard Rider Nova. The character was replaced at the peak of his popularity.

Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson even realized this problem as she stated on her website:

This is a personal opinion, but IMO launching a legacy character by killing off or humiliating the original character sets the legacy character up for failure. Who wants a legacy if the legacy is shitty?

Wilson is on-point with that one. Why kill off an iconic character just to replace them with worse versions? Why can't they just create new characters? It seems Marvel Comics has taken fans for granted and expect them to buy whatever they can release without caring about the fan base or being more creative with new characters.

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