Marvel Cancels Guardians of the Galaxy

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Despite two popular films and the upcoming Infinity event, Bleeding Cool has confirmed that Marvel will be canceling Guardians of the Galaxy after it's 150th issue. This is fairly surprising since many felt the series' focus on Infinity Stones would lead to something major for the group. While the storyline could still have major ramifications - the canceled Guardians of the Galaxy #151 seems to have been turned to the Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock one-shot - it looks like this is the end for the group in comics, at least for now.

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 is a double-sized issue that will not only be acting as the finale of the current arc but now the series as well. Warlock had already been advertised for the issue, which will probably tie into the aforementioned one-shot. Considering how the series just started it's Legacy arc, this is definitely a puzzling move, to say the least.

(Marvel Comics)


Fans thinking that this move is permanent probably shouldn't, given how much Marvel likes to restart their lineup. Expect a relaunch sometime after the Infinity event, with assuming a line-wide relaunch is part of Marvel's plans.

What makes the cancellation surprising is how much the company tried to push the Guardians after their first movie. Each member of the group has had a solo series at some point, though Rocket's comic still had Groot in it once in awhile. There was even a Guardians Team-Up comic that had a member of the group team up with various Marvel characters, though that got canned quickly.

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 hits shelves in January 2018.

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