Marvel Becomes More Diverse With The Unbeatables

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Heroes don't always wear capes and masks or wield shields and magical hammers. They can be everyday people fighting everyday illnesses and challenges.

This is what Marvel is trying to convey with its latest tie-up creation, The Unbeatables. They are a band of five heroes who are battling inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

According to Mirror, the comic will chronicle the daily but equally harrowing challenges that these individuals face every day. The Unbeatables was borne from the partnership between Marvel Custom Solutions and IBD Unmasked.

There are already artists and writers tagged to the project, including the likes of Deadpool cocreator Fabian Nicieza and Buddy Scalera, as well as artists JL Giles, Fernando Blanco, Chris Sotomayor, and Kirbi Fagan, who suffers from the condition.

One of the major names in the project is IBD Unmasked patient panel member Seb Tucknott. Since he was diagnosed with the condition, Tucknott had aimed to change the lives of those with this diagnosis. There are over five million people all over the world with IBD, and for Tucknott, starting the website and speaking about his condition had helped shaped opportunities.

Part of that was the creation of this new breed of superhero comics, bent on educating people what it's like to have this condition.

This project also pulls in Takeda pharmaceutical company, in the hopes of inspiring those who are afflicted with IBD.

"Through working with Marvel Custom Solutions and our global panel of patient advisors, we were able to creatively bring these insights to life and create parallels between the strength, perseverance, and positivity of comic book Super Heroes and those living with IBD. At Takeda, we believe that IBD Unmasked will continue to celebrate the strength that real-life IBD Super Heroes exhibit every day and go on to spark powerful conversations, transform perceptions, and ultimately improve understanding of the impact of these diseases."

The Unbeatables consist of Switchback, Datawave, Rubblerouser, Luminaria, and Samarium.

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