08 Feb 2018 5:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Announces Interactive Deadpool Comic With Role-playing and Dice

Marvel likes to be called the House of Ideas and they might have come up with one of their weirdest ones yet. This May, Marvel will give players the chance to be Deadpool with the five-issue You Are Deadpool series. Mixing up Choose Your Own Adventure with board games and DnD, it's a pretty crazy idea and one that may or may not work.

According to Marvel, the series is an interactive narrative that lets readers control Deadpool's story by rolling dice, keeping track of their scores, and making important decisions. We can also expect a number of characters from the Marvel universe to appear, with Hulk, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Grasshopper confirmed.

(Marvel Comics)


Each issue will be a self-contained adventure, most likely with different guest stars involved. It's good to see that they are one-off narratives since it would be difficult dedicating a five-issue story with multiple choices.

US Avengers writer Al Ewing will write the various one-offs, while Salva Espin will illustrate them. Espin is no stranger to the world of Deadpool, drawing the Deadpool vs Carnage mini a few years back.

You Are Deadpool hits comic stores this May.

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