Marvel And DC's Captain Marvels Share A Photo Together

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2019 looks to be the year for Captain Marvel as two movies will be released that year focusing on different characters of the same name; Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, and the DCEU's Shazam! (featuring Captain Marvel). DC and Marvel have already cast actors in those roles, and the two taken time to share a photo with each other.

Check it out:

Brie Larson will be playing Carol Danvers, and her character will be starring in the first woman-led Marvel Studios movie. Zachary Levi, on the other hand, will play the superhero Captain Marvel, an alter ego of a young Billy Batson who utters the word "Shazam!" and transforms into the full-grown superhero.

Both movies will be drastically different, but what they do have in common is how powerful their central heroes are. MCU's Captain Marvel will be a period piece set in the 90s and is said to have the alien Skrulls as the main villains, and Shazam! will be a more light-hearted movie focusing on a young boy discovering his new powers.

I'm excited to see how both films turn out. For one, it's about time the MCU released a film with a woman in the lead, and DC really needs to up its game if it wants to compete with Marvel at the box office.

Captain Marvel comes out March 6, 2019 and Shazam! is set to come out April 5, 2019.

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