Maroon 5 Gets Hunted By Players in Pokemon Go Parody Video

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Pokemon Go may invite players to "catch ‘em all'—but what if that includes Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5's boys?

That's what we see in the latest music video for Don't Wanna Know.

Basically, what we see in the video is Levine impersonating what could pass for a muppet Squirtle. He's going about his day, even doing yoga, but afterwards, it becomes a frenzy of his fellows getting chased by fans with smartphones. Yes, in Pokemon Go fashion.

There's even an animation of an eggplant-looking ‘mon getting caught by the smartphone-wielding crowd.

We even see Sarah Silverman "despawnig," as she floats off into the sky before the players can catch her.


Funnily enough, there is one scene where the Pokemon actually fights back. Squirtle-Adam fires off a blast (huh, I would have thought it would be a water blaster) at a trespasser.


Apart from Silverman, we also see Vince Vaughn as a red mouse-like Pokemon. He and Levine have a nice discussion about running away from the crowd. He tosses the question "What happens when we stop running?"

Oh, if only ‘mons will stop doing that on Pokemon Go, am I right?

It's obvious that this idea runs parallel with how celebrity lives get run over and trespassed by unwanted attention. But it's a nice touch to use Pokemon Go.

Kudos to my favorite guitarist James Valentine for pulling off that almost-Charizard bird-like ‘mon.

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