Mark Zuckerberg Invites Chewbacca Mom to Visit Facebook HQ and Hang Out With a Real Wookiee

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Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Just about a week ago, Candace Payne, or now better known in the internet and the world as "Chewbacca Mom," went live on Facebook and raked in over 140 million views. Since then, her very infectious and joyful video became the most-watched Facebook Live video of all time.

She has given so much joy to so many people, and now it's high time for her to be the one receiving the joy.


She's already been featured on James Corden's The Late Late Show. She met J.J. Abrams in the making of that episode. She also received a special invite from the original Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, for a private meet-and-greet. Now, Chewbacca mom has been invited by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to hang out at the company's headquarters and meet a real live Wookiee!

Payne visited Facebook's HQ Tuesday afternoon and also met Zuckerberg himself.

The Facebook founder posted on his official account Tuesday to explain that he invited Payne to his company's headquarters to give her a surprise.

Clearly, the experience was special and very fun for Payne. In a couple of photos shared by Zuckerberg, Payne is shown hanging out and even riding a bike with the Wookiee.

Check out her photos:

Payne also went live during the visit, but unlike her record-breaking happy Wookiee video, this one only received over one million views. The video is a bit emotional though.

She said:

These people behind me are the ones that developed Facebook Live, alright now I'm seeing all the love, but here's the deal, you rarely get to see that there's actual people here that do an incredible job at what they do.
What's happening now wouldn't even be possible without those people.

Still, it's a joy seeing her.

As of this writing, Payne's laughing Chewbacca video has garnered 145,703.097 views. I wouldn't be surprised if more numbers add up to that.

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