15 Jun 2017 1:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Mark Wahlberg And Will Ferrell Return For Daddy's Home 2 Trailer

Daddy's Home wasn't the biggest movie of 2015, but the film did get enough money to have a sequel ordered. Now Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back for another dad-off in Daddy's Home 2, and this time, they brought their own dads.

Here's the official synopsis:

In the sequel to the 2015 global smash, father and stepfather, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell), have joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas. Their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty's old-school, macho Dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad's ultra-affectionate and emotional Dad (John Lithgow) arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos.


Ever since The Other Guys, it looks like Ferrell and Wahlberg have found a good comedy duo going, and it's pretty fun to see them bounce off of each other. Ferrell is always the sensitive wimp type while Wahlberg plays the usual macho man.

The two have very great comedic timing, and though Daddy's Home wasn't the best movie the pair have been in, it still has some fun jokes and antics that make you stick around.

With Mel Gibson and John Lithgow playing Wahlberg and Ferrell's dads (respectively), I'm curious as to what direction the movie will be taking. For some reason, I thought we'd be seeing more of John Cena's character from the end of the first Daddy's Home.

Daddy's Home 2 comes out Nov. 10.

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