16 Nov 2017 11:23 AM +00:00 UTC

Mark Millar Teases Another Kick-Ass Reveal That’s ‘Bigger News Than You Think’

Last week, comic legend Mark Millar had teased a big Kick-Ass reveal, and a lot of fans (myself included) thought he was teasing a third movie. Instead, we got a first look at the new Kick-Ass comic; it's pretty big news in itself, but Millar promises way more reveals—this time focusing on Hit-Girl.

Check out his post:

After flubbing my speculations in the first teaser, I'm going to play it safe and say this is another comic, but with Millar's "bigger news than you think" teaser, I'm starting to think that we're going to get a solo Hit-Girl movie or at least, a Netflix series.

There was a solo Hit-Girl comic that came out back in 2012, and it's chronologically placed between the timeline of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2. If they were to make a live-action film, I'm guessing they would have to recast both Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass, seeing as the original actors are already too old to be playing the roles.


Though I loved Chloe Grace Moretz in the first movie, I think she did kind of get too old in the sequel, and a big part of Hit-Girl's charm is the fact that she's a little girl. I don't know what Millar has planned up his sleeve, but I'm all up for a Hit-Girl movie.

The big scoop comes out next week.

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