Mark Hamill Thought Luke Skywalker Was Han Solo's Sidekick During Star Wars Auditions

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Luke Skywalker is one of the main protagonists in Star Wars, anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 30 years knows that. However, this wasn’t the case in the 1970’s Even Mark Hamill himself didn’t know how big Luke’s role is in the entire saga until his first auditions for the role.

Apparently, he thought Luke was Han Solo’s side kick during his first audition actual for Star Wars.

During a Cambridge Union stage interview, the 64-year-old actor told the audience how he was in a room with Harrison Ford at the time. The audition involved a scene inside the Millennium Falcon and Hamill was excited about the audition, even asking an impatient Ford about how to play the scene and other audition stuff.

Hamill recalled while doing a pretty good (and funny) imitation of Ford:

He was like, 'Kid, would you just do the lines so we can all get out of here? I'm all bouncing around the walls - we were pretty much in character.

He added that when his agent called and told him he had been cast as Luke Starkiller (as the character was called at the time), he asked who else he’ll be starring with in the movie:

She said, 'Well, I know Harrison Ford,' and I said, 'Oh yeah! I play his sidekick! ...Clearly, he was this leading man, and I was this annoying kid! And in that seven pages, I thought, well when he drops me off that's the last time you'll see me in the movie.

Of course, we all know how that turned out.

Check out the entire interview from The Cambridge Union YouTube page below:


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