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Mark Hamill Defends Puppeteers And Voice Over Actors

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Mark Hamill had been more prominently noticed in voiceover work ever since the end of Return of the Jedi, and has only now been put back in the spotlight thanks to the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Hamill takes the time to share the thoughts of the original voice actors of the muppets, and also gives his two cents when it comes to giving voice actors credit.

Here's the post from the muppet actors:

And here's Hamill's:

There has been a lot of discussion when it comes to giving credit to voice actors, and some people are even annoyed as to how animated movies would cast big-name actors in voice roles when they don't even have that much experience.

Even though Star Wars has put Hamill back onscreen, he's still open to doing his usual voice acting gigs. Just recently it was reported that he's joined Ron Perlman in the Transformers cartoon, Prime Wars. Though I'm happy he still does the work, I would love for Hamill to have more onscreen acting roles this time around. Besides his work on The Last Jedi, I thought he absolutely stole every scene he was in for Brigsby Bear.

Hamill's character may have died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but a lot of fans have their fingers crossed that he comes back in Star Wars Episode IX.

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