Marion Cotillard Talks Her Awkward Death Scene in Dark Knight Rises

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French actress Marion Cotillard have won prestigious awards, including the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for her performance in 2007's La Vie en Rose, but her awkward death scene in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises was far from brilliant

While promoting her new film Allied this past weekend, Cotillard discussed the negative feedback Talia al Ghul's laughable death scene has received.

"We're all in the same boat, and if sometimes it gets out of control, then everyone is involved. Sometimes there are failures, and when you see this on screen, you're thinking: 'Why? Why did they keep that take?'" Cotillard told Allocine (translated from French to English. "But either you blame everyone or nobody. But I thought people overreacted, because it was tough to be identified just with this scene. When I'm doing the best I can to find the authenticity in every character that I'm playing, it's tough to be known just for this scene."


Then a clip of her being in a comical rap battle on a French TV show is shown, and her opponent brings up that scene: "The only thing worse than your rap is your death in Batman." Looking hurt, responded with "That sucks."

"Yes, it's important to know how to laugh about this, and also, there are worse things in life," she went on. "Even if there are things that can hurt you. But I wasn't really affected by this. I just though the reaction was disproportionate, and it helps to laugh about it."

So what do you think about Cotillard's awkward death scene in Dark Knight: Rises? Do you think it's bad as people say it is?

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