Mako Mori Returns In New Pacific Rim Uprising Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

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With Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out in a few days, John Boyega's face is everywhere, and what better time to promote another Boyega movie—Pacific Rim Uprising. Check out this new featurette that also gives us a look at the returning Mako Mori.

Besides seeing more Jaegers in the shot, we also get to see a bunch of new Kaiju. The Kaiju had powers of their own in the first film, and it looks like the ones in Uprising will be able to put themselves back together after Jaegers slice them up.


What's also cool is that one character seems to have built her own hodgepodge of a Jaeger using spare parts, and I can't wait to see it clash with the Kaiju along with the rest of the Jaegers.

Though Pacific Rim did make a lot of money, a lot of people admit that the film isn't perfect. We only get to see the rest of the Jaegers in action for only one scene before they get taken out, and the clash at the end had come out a bit lackluster.

One thing I have to hand to the movie is, it has great sense of world-building, and I think it's cool that Jaegers need to pilots to be in sync so it could function well. I really hope Steven S. DeKnight brings the thunder for the sequel.

Pacific Rim Uprising is set to come out March 23, 2018.

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